01. I much [prefer] locally made beer to the kind made by the big breweries.
02. Francis thought marmalade on toast was [preferable] to strawberry jam.
03. I would like to travel to Europe next spring, [preferably] to Italy.
04. Joseph likes playing soccer, but Lawrence's [preference] is baseball.
05. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu once said, "I [prefer] liberty to chains of diamonds."
06. Would you prefer to travel to Mexico in March or in April?
07. Sammy [prefers] woollen gloves, but I like fleece mitts.
08. Studies show that mosquitoes [prefer] children to adults, and blondes to brunettes.
09. It is the female lion who does more than 90 percent of the hunting, while the male is afraid to risk his life, or simply [prefers] to rest.
10. I don't mind eating meat, but I really [prefer] vegetarian meals.
11. Mosquitoes [prefer] children to adults.
12. A Hebrew proverb notes that a woman [prefers] poverty with love to wealth without love.
13. A Filipino proverb suggests that the bitterness of studying is [preferable] to the bitterness of ignorance.
14. A Spanish proverb states that in a choice between bad company and loneliness, the second is [preferable].
15. I would [prefer] that you children play outside this afternoon. I want to clean up the house a bit.
16. We can have the meeting today or tomorrow; I don't really have any [preference].
17. When filling positions which come open from time to time, we generally give [preference] to internal applicants.
18. Some of the parents of the other kids on the team believe the coach has been giving [preferential] treatment to his own son.
19. Julius Caesar once commented, "Which death is [preferable] to every other? The unexpected."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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